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Swinger Roadside Sign

The Swinger® RS is the Bigger-Bolder-Better Roadside Sign!

This truly portable, 2-sided sign offers a large 36" x 48" sign panel that gets noticed near or far and has tracks for 5 lines of changeable message board copy on both sides. Swinger® Roadside Signs are made of technopolymer material that won't rust or ding and lasts for years.

60" x 48" x 30" Roadside Sign with 2-sided, white 36" x 48" sign face with tracks on both sides.


bullet 1 - 36" x 48" x 0.5" (600 x 900 x 10mm) white sign face with tracks for 5 lines of copy on both sides
bullet 1 - set 421 - 5" letters, numbers and symbols (Black letters and symbols, Red numbers)
bullet 2 - black decorative caps
bullet 2 - Black sign uprights
bullet 2 - Black cross tubes
bullet 4 - No-slide feet

1 - set assembly hardware

                                                                                                       PRICE:        $299.00

                                                                                                       SHIPPING:      60.00

    MODEL:      CL016-RS-SSW-MB



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Attract More Business with a Roadside Sign

Sometimes a store sign is just not enough to attract the attention of passersby of your business.  To really catch their attention you might want to consider a large roadside sign with big, attractive and colorful letters.  You can effectively use these roadside signs to advertise your specials and attract more business to your store.

Roadside signs are especially helpful if your business is one that is located on a major road, highway or busy intersection.  People that drive by may or may not see your business on the side of the road, but they do have a better chance of seeing a sign with large letters telling them to stop on in for some type of discount or offer.

The best part about roadside signs for a business like this is the fact that they are built to last a long time.  A one-time investment will pay you back in sales for years and years down the road.  These signs are built to withstand all sorts of weather and can even stand up to high winds, hail, snow, sleet and ice.

You will want to make sure that the roadside sign that you buy is one that enables you to create a custom message on both sides of the sign.  This way, traffic can see the sign and the message no matter which way they are traveling.  Roadside signs also differ in size and capabilities as well.  The best and most effective roadside signs are large ones that can display big letters that are easy to read.  The smaller roadside signs are just too difficult to read for someone too far away or for the cars that are traveling too fast.

Besides the physical attributes of the signs, there are a few things that you can do to ensure more attention and thereby increase your businesses exposure even more so.

You will want to make sure that the roadside sign is in a spot where it is highly visible.  Keep it away from trees, bushes, other signs and anything else that might be blocking its view.  The most effective road signs are the ones that can be seen by both lanes of traffic.  If you can place it next to a stop sign where people have more time to see it, it would be even more effective.

Neon Sign World offers a nice looking, affordable and effective roadside sign that will be a great investment for your business and an investment that will pay off for years to come.

With all outdoor signage, it is advisable to check with your local zoning dept.



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