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New!!! Oval-shaped Flashing Neon Signs

Made by experienced neon glass benders

100% hand-crafted, real glass tube neon sign.

 NEW DESIGN: Oval-style neon sign with FLASHING motion.

 This sign comes with a flashing feature and the OPTION to turn off the flashing.

This high quality traditional neon sign is very bright. This sign was designed to catch your customer’s eye! We offer a 100% no-breakage guarantee with a double-packing box and extra foam protection to make sure that your sign arrives in good working condition.

·        Sign orders usually ship within 5 to 7 business days.

·        Sign is mounted on Black Plexiglas

·        Please view our diagram on this page for sign design.

·        110 volt flasher transformer that plugs into a standard outlet

·        Cool, Quiet, Energy Efficient - Uses Less Power than Standard 75 watt bulb

·        Easy to install, hanging hardware & chain are included

·        6' Power cord with standard transformer included

·        Designed for indoor use only

·        1-Year Warranty on electrical components

·        1-Year Warranty on standard transformers

We offer a variety of options in signage.

Flashing Neon Signs:

Neon Sign World has five different neon sign categories. In our Business Neon Signs section, we offer nearly 1,000 basic business designs for you to choose from. These neon signs have a constant glow of neon. Another group of constantly glowing signs allows you to add your phone number to the neon sign with over 100 models to choose from. In our Flashing Neon Signs section are several hundred models with a variety of flashing options to meet most business needs. Our flashing neon signs can be adjusted to control the speed of the flash or turn off the flashing feature so that the sign is on with a constant glow. We also offer Outdoor Neon Signs with hundreds of models to choose from. The hallmark of our business is our Custom Neon Signs that give you the chance to be creative! We offer over 100 sample templates or you can send us your own design. Volume discounts are available for large neon sign orders and we have special neon sign discount offers available to corporate offices with multiple stores or franchises. Our neon signs are made in the continental USA by highly skilled neon benders. We encourage you to buy American products which are of much higher quality and have better safety controls than imported products.

LED Signs:

LED stands for light-emitting diode. When used in signs, it is a very small but very bright light that is similar in brightness to neon. LED signs are made up of many small individual LED light bulbs that can be independently programmed which allows for some amazing animation possibilities. This is the primary reason that LED has gained so much popularity over the years. Las Vegas used to be referred to as the “neon capital of the world” (among other things) but today, more than one half of the signs and displays there are LED due to its amazing and versatile features.

Within our five LED Signs sections are a variety of sign choices. We offer the rectangular LED Signs with over 1,000 business LED sign designs for you to choose from. In our Animated LED Signs section are several hundred models to meet most business needs. Each of these animated LED signs can be easily adjusted to turn off the animation feature and allow the LED sign to shine continuously. We also offer outdoor LED signs. One of our newest product lines is the rectangular animated LED sign that you can add your phone number to. The hallmark of our business is our Custom LED Signs that give you the chance to be creative. We offer over 100 sample templates or you can send us your own design. Volume discounts are available for large LED sign orders and we have special LED sign discount offers available to corporate offices with multiple stores or franchises. Workers skilled in LED wiring build our LED signs here in the continental USA. We encourage you to buy American products which are of much higher quality and have better safety controls than imported products.

Changeable Letter Signs:

We have a large selection of Changeable Letter Signs. This category includes window signs, sidewalk signs and roadside signs. The changeable letters make these signs very flexible by allowing you to change your message as often as you like. These signs are inexpensive and very durable. Our electrical changeable Letter Signs are for indoor use only while our non-electrical sidewalk signs and roadside signs are built for outdoor use.

Neon Clocks:

We offer over 100 neon clocks. Most of our neon clocks have popular logo designs and we have several clocks that have the neon tube but have blank faces. We do not build custom neon clocks and offer only the clocks that you see on our website.

Neon Sculptures:

We offer over 100 neon sculptures on our website. These products are very popular and make nice, inexpensive gifts. We do not build custom neon sculptures and offer only the sculptures that you see on our website.

Flashing Neon Signs Usage:

Flashing Neon Signs are probably one of the most popular kinds of signs. Flashing neon signs are extremely bright and catch customers’ attention immediately. You see flashing neon signs everywhere. Las Vegas is a perfect example. Many stores have a flashing neon OPEN sign. Many add another neon sign that tells the name of their company or the service they offer.

Our signs are not imitation or imported. Our signs are real glass neon tube signs made here in the continental USA by skilled neon benders. Our flashing neon signs are of very high quality. We offer Espresso Cappuccino flashing neon signs, Tattoo flashing neon signs, and Coffee flashing neon signs in addition to about 1,000 more titles.

These flashing neon sign products as well as our other signs cover many industry types. We offer signs for various industry groups like Income Tax flashing neon signs, flashing neon Coffee signs, beauty industry flashing neon signs, Insurance neon signs, Nail Salon flashing neon signs, Tanning flashing neon signs, Spa flashing neon signs, and the list goes on and on.

Our flashing neon signs are most often hung in merchant windows to attract the attention of potential customers. Many times, however, store owners prefer to put a flashing neon sign inside the store on the wall to call attention to a sale or a particular product line.

Our flashing neon signs come in a variety of colors as well as with a variety of logo designs and text messages. We offer a variety of sizes for our flashing neon signs. The plastic backing on our flashing neon signs is typically 15”H x 30”W. You can also control the speed of the flashing from constantly on to varying speeds of flashing.  We show diagrams of our sign designs on our website.

Every business needs an OPEN flashing neon sign. We offer OPEN neon signs and flashing OPEN neon signs. We can’t over-state the importance of an OPEN sign for your business. It tells the world that you are ready to do business and sends the message that customers are welcome to shop and that the doors are open.

We have also introduced a new line of neon signs on which you can add your own customized phone number. We offer these neon signs in constant-shining neon light glow with the option to add your own phone number. You can also add a second transformer for an additional $65 to make the phone number flash on and off. The neon signs with the phone numbers are rectangular in shape.

We also offer custom flashing neon signs to fit nearly every need you may have for individualized customized neon signage. We have a custom neon sign “free quote” form on our website in our Custom Neon Sign section. You can also send us a .jpg or .gif image of any sign design that you would be interested in having us build for you. We will offer you a quote on your custom flashing neon sign idea free of charge.

Flashing neon signs offer the brightest form of sign advertising. They can last many years with proper care. This care mostly involves not getting them wet or dropping the sign and breaking the neon glass tubing.

Flashing Neon Signs - Put Your Name in Lights  

If you run a business, I am sure you want to scream to the world “Here we are and this is what we do!” at the top of your lungs. While actually doing that is probably not realistic, flashing neon signs have the same effect and will not leave you nearly as hoarse. 

Flashing neon signs are a very effective way to let people know your business is there and what kind of products and services you offer. Neon signs by design are meant to draw attention. Our eyes are automatically drawn to bright colors; and neon creates a visual impact that you will not find with any other kind of light source. 

So what does all that mean to you? It means that flashing neon signs can draw eyes towards your business, which will, in turn, increase your bottom line. Not only are neon signs very effective, but they keep doing their job day after day without you ever spending another dime on them. There really is not any other type of advertising that can say that. 

Flashing neon signs are also very affordable. When you look at the cost of a flashing neon sign and compare that to what you spend for other types of short-term advertising, it is really a no- brainer and an effective way to market your business for very little money. Most signs cost less than $500 and will last you years and years, so the investment is minimal compared to the return. 

You can get flashing neon signs in a variety of styles and colors. No matter what business you are in you are likely to find a design that fits right in with what you want to convey to customers. Neon colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, green, rich blue, aquamarine, purple and white. 

Ordering flashing neon signs is quick and easy. You can choose from hundreds of template designs to get you started. Simply choose your design and place your order and the sign is shipped directly to your door along with all the hardware you need to hang it up and start getting the benefits of your new flashing neon sign. 

If you have a storefront, an investment in a flashing neon sign is a very sound choice for your business. You will not be sorry when you hang your new sign and start to see more and more customers walking through the front door.

Does Your Company Need Flashing Neon Signs?  

Neon signs have been around for a long time; but even in this day and age, they still play an important role in marketing. This is because neon signs are a lot like branding.  

When people see them, they immediately associate what they see with the company or brand that the sign is promoting. This is particularly true if your place of business caters to its customers during the evening, which is the case with hotels, restaurants and other similar establishments. In this sense, a well-placed neon sign can be just as effective as a prominent billboard or logo.  

However, buying a neon sign for your store or marketing campaign will require some thought to ensure that you purchase just the right kind of sign for your business. For one thing, there are several types of neon signs to choose from, and choosing which type to use for your store will largely depend on how you operate your business. In this sense, you should look for a retailer that offers several different types of neon signs, and one of the best producers of neon signs is Neon Sign World. Why? 

This is because Neon Sign World offers their customers 5 different types of neon signs. These include:  

Business Neon Signs - These neon signs offer a constant glow of neon, and often have very basic designs. 

Flashing Neon Signs - Flashing neon signs are designed to have several flashing options, and they can be modified to control the timing of each flash.  

Neon Signs that Include Your Business' Telephone Number - These special kinds of signs include your company phone number on the neon sign. 

Outdoor Neon Signs - These signs are like flashing billboards, and they are very effective in attracting people's attention. They are also quite durable given the nature of their use.  

Custom Neon Signs - Custom Neon Signs are very popular with creative business owners. These types of neon signs allow people to create their own design from scratch or choose one from many different templates.  

Considering the different types of neon signs mentioned here, it's always good to have a number of options available to work with. Regardless of where you plan to put your neon sign, what matters is that you buy the right one; and this is how Neon Sign World can help you and your business. Not only will you be offered neon signs that are appropriate for your business needs, but they can also give you advice on how to most effectively use them.



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