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We can help you create your own eye-catching, customized neon sign.  Be as imaginative as you like, and we will work with you in your artistic endeavors.  To help you get started, browse through our "Custom Neon Signs Samples" section - there are many to choose from.  You may also find design ideas in our "Business Neon Signs" section.  From that section, you may use any of our logos (pictures) with your own name or message.  If you have your own drawing or picture, or even just an idea, we can help you create your own unique sign.  Use the form below to simplify the process.

We have three sign sizes, eight colors, and several letter styles to choose from.  Price range (including shipping) is typically $250 - $400 or more depending on complexity, and we will provide you with a quote at no charge.  We can also show you a drawing of what your sign will look like.  Most signs can be completed and shipped within 2 weeks after ordering.  When  you're ready to get started, we encourage you to complete the 10-step  form below and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.   If you need to have a representative contact you to further discuss your project, please write to us at or call us at 1 (330) 858-3711. Please provide us with your phone number, a contact person and the best time to call.  You can also FAX us your ideas at 1 (206) 424-4716. The best way to get a quote is to fill our quote request form below.

All our neon signs are for indoor use only!


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1) Enter the model # of the sign that you liked from the custom neon signs sample section in the box below and continue filling out the form. If you have your own logo (picture) you can e-mail it to us (.jpg or .gif  images only) at or fax it to us at 1(206) 424-4716. If you do not want a logo (picture) or do not have a model #, simply type the word "none" in the box below and proceed to step #2.


2) Choose the size of the sign you would like from the drop down menu below:


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4) Some models are available with a neon border around the sign - if so, please specify a color from the drop down menu below:


First Customized Line of Letters Section

5) Enter your customized letters for the first line of the sign in the box below:

6) Choose the color of the letters for the first row of your sign. There is a color chart on the bottom of this page. Select a color from the drop down menu below:


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8) Enter your customized letters for the second line of the sign (if applicable) in the box below:


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Custom Neon Signs - Affordable and Effective

Custom neon signs are an affordable advertising option for any business that will continue to bring you business day after day. There are a variety of neon sign designs you can choose from to customize for your business. 

Neon signs are an effective advertising model because they are eye-catching. Our eyes are automatically drawn to colorful images and having attention directed to your business is a sure way to increase your bottom line. Neon signs can also be seen from far away in any kind of weather. 

Custom neon signs are also extremely affordable for a small business, usually costing less than $500. Some forms of advertising such as TV commercials, PPC ads and print ads can be far too expensive for many small businesses to consider. Custom neon signs are affordable for everyone and give you reoccurring advertising day after day, month after month unlike other types of advertising. 

Custom neon signs can be as simple as your name and custom message in lights or you can design a completely customized sign that can display anything you can dream up. Most sign companies have pictures of sample signs that you can browse through and many templates may be available depending on the type of business you are in.  

Buying custom neon signs online is quick and easy. You can browse templates, get ideas and find the perfect sign for your business in minutes. Once your sign is complete, it is shipped directly to your door and comes ready to hang. Your neon sign will arrive with all the hardware and electrical wires needed to install it. Installation of a custom neon sign in your front window or on a wall is quick and easy. 

Once your neon sign is in place it can start to work for you. When people drive or walk by your business, their eyes will be automatically drawn to your storefront and you can make them aware of who you are and what you do.

Custom neon signs work great for all types of businesses. Restaurants, convenience stores, bars, service businesses can all benefit from a custom neon sign. Neon signs aren’t just for your windows, either. You can hang them throughout your place of business to direct people to certain areas or you can even use them as decorations for your business.  

If you are constantly trying to think of affordable and effective ways to advertise your business, a custom neon sign is probably a great place to get started. 

Custom Neon Signs are Great for Home Decorating!  

Custom neon signs are a sure way to get attention and get your message across. Businesses have known for years that custom neon signs are a way to attract more customers and get more sales, but neon is not just for business anymore. More and more people are having custom neon signs created as décor for their homes.

Custom neon signs are a great way to add a little creativity to your home. You can use them in your home bar or game room or even to decorate a bedroom. Your teen would love to have his or her name in lights on their wall! 

Purchasing a custom neon sign for your home is easier than you think. Many online vendors of neon signs now also offer a full range of templates for home use as well. You can also create a completely custom design for your sign if you like. Most template designs are focused on home bars or have themes like palm trees or cars that can be used in many different rooms in the house. 

Neon signs are extremely affordable. Even a completely customized neon sign is not as expensive as you might think. Custom neon signs are available in a wide range of colors and sizes depending on what you are looking for. If you buy online, the sign comes directly to you door ready to be installed with all the hardware included. 

Custom neon can also serve as great lighting for your home. Neon lights create a custom ambience that no other light in the world produces. So when you want to set the scene, turn on the neon and use it for lighting in your bar or game room or even a bedroom. 

Custom neon signs can also be fun in the kitchen. There are many food-oriented templates available that can really spice up your kitchen décor. 

Another way to decorate your home besides custom neon signs are neon sculptures. They are stand-alone neon pieces that are mounted on a base and can be placed anywhere in your home for a unique look. Neon can also be incorporated into your home decorating in other ways such as neon clocks. 

Designing your own custom neon sign will give you a unique piece of décor that you will treasure having in your home and will get you a lot of attention from visitors. It will certainly become a conversation piece in your home, so get online and start looking and find the perfect custom neon sign to meet you and your family’s personality and style.


Buying Custom Neon Signs

 Many businesses are interested in trying to find unique custom neon signs since these kinds of signs are an effective advertising tool. They can let customers know what type of services you offer or whether you are open for business. This is an invaluable asset to businesses who depend on drawing customers in off the street.

You can find a great selection of services offered through Neon Sign World. This company is dedicated to providing some of the best sign work that you can get anywhere around. If you haven't found the right sign for your business yet, think through some of the different options available for custom neon signs. 

First, take a look at the basic design behind these neon sign frameworks. They will almost invariably have a black background, which will help the neon sign appear more luminous. This will ensure that your customers can read the sign easily as they walk or drive by your storefront. Nine different neon colors are available to choose from when you design your custom sign; and the professionals at Neon Sign World can construct signs using any number of different color combinations, possibly even the same colors used by your business! 

When you begin designing the details of your custom neon signs, you may want to start by deciding on the message that you want to display on your sign. You may want to think of a catchy short phrase that you want to use on your neon sign. 

Many businesses will want to incorporate the name of their company on their custom neon sign. They may also have a short slogan that customers can use to identify their business. Just realize that these custom neon signs do have a finite amount of space. These suggestions can help people develop just the right neon signs that they can use to attract customers’ attention. 

Finally, you can actually integrate a few different symbols, or logos, onto these signs that will help draw customer attention as well. For example, if you are a coffee shop, you may want to include an outline of a coffee mug on your sign. This will help customers readily identify that your business sells coffee.

Think about what kind of symbol could help draw customer attention and get them interested in what you have to sell.

You will be impressed by the sales results that custom neon signs can generate. Talk to the professionals at Neon Sign World if you would like to see what kind of custom neon sign they could build for you.


Custom Neon Signs For Your Business Needs

At, you will have the option to create custom neon signs.  You can take your own ideas and Neon Sign World can make this neon sign a reality.  This can allow you to get very creative with your sign and add to the value of marketing your business.  You can visit Neon Sign World for inspiration for your sign as there are many available templates to choose from.

When you are creating your sign, you will want to make sure that you take enough time for planning and careful consideration for this sign.  This will help you to create the perfect solution for your business's advertising needs. If you have a business in a location that is often overlooked, you will find that a neon sign can change all of this and will help people find your business fast.

Custom neon signs can provide you with a unique sign that represents your business perfectly.  This can give you a great deal of freedom with your sign, and you can use your business name and any other information that can help you to promote your business inside and out. 

You can also create custom neon signs at Neon Sign World that will allow you to advertise for the holidays.  The holidays are a time when a business can make a lot of money.  Having custom signs that are specifically made for the major holidays can be a great form of advertisement. You can use this sign throughout the holiday season; and then when the season is over, simply store it until next year. 

The size of your sign will also be another important consideration.  Neon Sign World offers several different sizes and shapes of signs to accommodate your needs.  The smaller versions available will allow you to have more than one sign in use in your window.  If you are ordering several signs from, you will find that you can get a discount for your large order.  This is something that you will want to inquire about if you are planning on ordering many signs for your business. 

If you need some help with the purchase of your sign, you will find that Neon Sign World has a great customer support staff. Ordering a sign online is very easy; but if you have never made this type of purchase before and need some extra support, you can contact someone online or by phone to help make your purchase even easier. You can get all of the answers you need with just the right level of customer service




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