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Changeable Letter Signs:

We have a large selection of Changeable Letter Signs. This category includes window signs, sidewalk signs and roadside signs. The changeable letters make these signs very flexible by allowing you to change your message as often as you like. These signs are inexpensive and very durable. Our electrical changeable Letter Signs are for indoor use only while our non-electrical sidewalk signs and roadside signs are built for outdoor use.

Bring in More Customers with Sidewalk Signs 

 If your business is in a high foot-traffic area, a sidewalk sign is a great way to bring more people through your door. A sidewalk sign that is placed properly will allow almost every person who walks by to see your sales message. 

Sidewalk signs are available with a couple different ways to convey your message. The first and most popular is the changeable letter sign. This type of sign comes with many different letters and symbols on thin plastic pieces that you can insert into the sign to create any message you want. 

The second type of sidewalk sign is composed of a dry erase board on a sidewalk sign frame. With a little bit of time, you can draw anything on these types of signs with some dry erase markers. If you or your business is artsy, this might work well for you. A dry erase sidewalk sign allows for more creativity because you are not limited to just using numbers and symbols. If you choose a dry erase model, you should write neatly with large letters because if your sign is hard to read, people will not even bother. A changeable letter sidewalk sign, however, offers big, bold letters that people can easily read. 

You should use bold and specific offers on your sign to get customers in your door. Use wording such as “50% Off Today Only” on your product or give your daily lunch specials. The sidewalk sign is all about the spontaneous sale, so the sign should contain something attention-getting that people can come in and get right now.  

Sidewalk signs are great because they allow you the flexibility to change your message whenever you want. You can promote exactly what is going on in your business today and come up with something completely different tomorrow.  

When you first start using a sidewalk sign, track how many customers come in on which days and note what you have on the sign that day. You may be able to find a few key messages that work best for your business that can save you from playing the guessing game of what to put on your sign next.  

The reality is that sidewalk signs are a great tool for your business. They are also very long lasting and durable and some even have wheels for easy transport in and out of your business every day. Get a sidewalk sign for your business and see how quickly you have more customers walking through the door! 

Why Sidewalk Signs Work 

Sidewalk signs are vital for any business that has foot traffic past its door. How many people you do estimate walk by your store everyday? The answer is probably a very large group of people that you have the chance to introduce to your business and its products and services. 

These types of signs can be the key to getting people to take the plunge and walk through your door which, in turn, will bring you more sales. Sidewalk signs give people the opportunity to see your best offer before they even walk through the door. People, especially in this economy, are looking for a deal. Using your sign to promote sales and specials is a very effective way to bring in new customers.  

Sidewalk signs are very versatile, too. You can change your message as often as you want. You should play with the sign’s message to see if certain messages attract more customers than others. As with any type of advertising, you can optimize your messages to be more effective. All it takes is some tracking of what the day’s message was and how many customers you had. Try things like offering big discounts on a single item. If you have daily specials, use your sidewalk sign to promote that. Some businesses even use their signs to display humorous or interesting messages designed to entertain people and use this technique very effectively. 

The main reason sidewalk signs are effective is because they present timely, relative messages to your client in real time. If you are offering broccoli soup that day, you can tell everyone walking by right then. If you are having a 50% off sale, you get to make sure that everyone walking by knows it. 

Sidewalk signs are inexpensive and durable. They are meant to be out in the elements and are designed to last you a very long time. They are an inexpensive investment that pays off time and time again. It is like having a full-time salesperson standing outside your business without the payroll involved. 

Sidewalk signs are available in a large range of sizes and styles. You can get them with either with changeable letter plates to create messages or other styles that are comprised of dry erase boards you simply write your message on with markers. 

If you are looking for a way to increase the foot traffic through your door, you should definitely consider placing a sidewalk sign in front of your business letting customers know what is in store for them inside.



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